Skrillex vs. Mozart (’nuff said)


The definitive battle between classical music and electronic music. In rap form of course.


Exclusive Interview–EOTO



Check out our exclusive interview with Jason Hann from EOTO, filmed in Minneapolis, MN. Here’s a little background about them:

As electronic influences continue to penetrate the live rock, jazz, and jam ethos, one band consistently rises to the top, bringing together fans from across the musical spectrum. Throbbing bass and thudding beats are the signatures of this project from String Cheese Incident bandmates Michael Travis and Jason Hann. Born out of their shared love of electronic dance music, EOTO’s M.O. is to take the free-wheeling party vibe of a DJ set to the next level by using organic instruments, innovative performance technology, and improvised musical exploration. Live drums, guitars, and keys, and vocals are mixed, remixed, and sampled on the fly with no backing track. This is all done without a script.



ULTRA Afrojack!

Still longing for that sensation of being at Ultra Music Festival? UMF featured the dopest DJs in the world. Perhaps one that stands out amongst many big names is Afrojack. Go on stage, in the audience, and everywhere Afrojack takes you. Start your weekend early with this stream from Afrojack at UMF!


Why go to Ultra? This:

People go to Ultra Music Festival for a lot of reasons: the artists, the weather, the atmosphere; but the real reason you should go is this guy:


Interview with Infected Mushroom Minneapolis–Exclusive

Check out our quick interview with Infected Mushroom before their show in Minneapolis 3/8. They talk about their signing with Dim Mak, making music, and their epic new tour featuring the “Dueling Death Stars”


Ultra Music Festival–Deadmau5 Live Set

Couldn’t go down to enjoy the 76°F weather in Miami? Yeah, we couldn’t either, but here’s the next best thing. Live UMF sets streaming right here. Check out Deadmau5’s awesome LED Mau5head:


Big Gigantic Interview–Minneapolis Rowdy Beats Exclusive!


One of our favorite artists, Big Gigantic graced us with this awesome interview! Dominic Lalli gave us an inside scoop into Big Gigantic and how they got to be where they are and an explanation into the dopeness that is their music. CHECK THEM OUT!

Phat Brahms–Official Music Video

If you’ve been keeping up with Rowdy Beats, you’ve undoubtedly already heard Phat Brahms by Steve Aoki, Angger Dimas Vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in Aokishouse 40 and 41, but now view the official music video! It features the four artists getting Rowdy in colonial times times and facing the threat of the guillotine. Watch the entire thing to find out what happens:

*Unfortunately, Dim Mak has decided to only release the video on MTV clubland, so we can only link you to it, instead of embedding it here 🙁 *

Update: We were just way ahead of the curve. It’s now on Youtube as well.


“Troublemaker” Official Music Video


It’s officially here!! Haezer’s super sick music video is finally out. Last week we raved about the trailer, and we have definitely not been disappointed.  The music video is absolutely stunning, featuring a very cinematic feel (think Skrillex’s video for First of the Year, (Equinox)). Sort of Spoiler?: The end of the video was a nice twist, we’re not sure if the monoliths were a direct reference to “2001: A Space Odyssey” or if it was just referencing the extra-terrestrial in general. Either way, this is setting the bar really high for EDM music videos, and will be a tough one to beat. Check it out:



Dubstep Baby

When you think of a GoPro video and dubstep, you probably imagine some guy (or girl!) jumping off a cliff, shredding powder, or doing something that most of us can only fantasize about.  Well  this GoPro commercial appeals to a much, much, younger demographic. And if I was a baby, I’d be pretty compelled to buy one. The formula is still the same: feature the athlete doing something fairly normal, drop the bass, go slow-mo, and then? Check it out for yourself:

Music: Walking Def, “Running All My Life”


“Troublemaker” Official Music Video- Trailer


Yes you read the title right. A trailer. For a music video. Normally we wouldn’t post a trailer for a music video because its usually just a snippet from the entire video, and not much happens besides people going crazy and having a good time. BUT this is going to be an exception. Haezer’s upcoming video for “Troublemaker” has probably gotten us more excited for a music video than any other video in a while. That combined with great music that we already digged (dug?) when we first heard it, should be a recipe for success.  The video shows 4 kids with superhuman powers who seem like they’re about to tear it up. Perhaps protecting their city from the insurgents? But see for yourself below. The full version is coming out next week, February 4. We’ll keep you posted!



Add Some “Hot Sauce” to Your Day

Hot sauce

“Zeds Dead’s brand new 5 song Hot Sauce EP is out now on Itunes and Beatport!

The Canadian DJ/Production Duo Zeds Dead, made up of members DC and Hooks have released their brand new 5 song Hot Sauce EP via Diplo’s Mad Decent. The follow-up to last year’s Mad Decent EP, Victor, features 5 instrumental tracks that find the duo exploring more sonic territory with their music, further proving that they are one of the most versatile electronic groups around. From the opener, “Demons”, a nightmare inducing track with heavy, pulsating synths as well as keys and strings plucked straight from classic horror films to “Mr. Sub”, which displays a more minimalist approach from the duo with a bouncing bass and touches of space-disco synths and “Rave” a breakbeat monster that hits so fast they put in an audible breaths to remind listeners to take one themselves.” [Mad Decent] Download from iTunes and Beatport.

Check out a minimix of the EP here:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=62a452&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Also we have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to be. You may hate yourself for watching this video, but die hard Zed’s Dead fans may not be as disappointed as we were:


It’s all “Love & War”

Have you ever been to Joey Youngman aka Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Wolfgang Gartner’s infamous concerts? If yes, you’re awesome! If no, then check out this music video to his hit song “Love & War” to get a feel for what you’re missing out on, and the genius at work that is Wolfgang himself. Originally published in September by Ultra Records, this music video lets you live out the everlasting struggle that is “Love & War” through not only dope sounds but also, through a tantalizing video.

We like it “RAW”!

Fedde le Grand, world renowned DJ/Producer gives us a tease of what to expect in his new album. Looks like you have a chance to get an early Christmas present for yourself or whomever because “Raw” will be released on Spinnin’ Records on Christmas Eve – December 24th of 2012. “Raw” promotes the definition of EDM and undoubtedly give you a jolt to this lazy Sunday.

We like it “RAW”!

Fedde le Grand, world renowned DJ/Producer gives us a tease of what to expect in his new album. Looks like you have a chance to get an early Christmas present for yourself or whomever because “Raw” will be released on Spinnin’ Records on Christmas Eve – December 24th of 2012. “Raw” promotes the definition of EDM and undoubtedly give you a jolt to this lazy Sunday.

Timing Is Everything

Valerie Anne Poxleitner aka Lights is known for her some of her notable singles “Ice” and “Toes”, which led her to win the Juno award in 2009. Eminent in the genre of electropop, she released this video of her song “Timing Is Everything”, which features a dope beat with her golden voice.


Let loose with a “Daybreak”. Many people already know GoPro for some super sick cameras for extreme sports.  What else are they known for? Having some Rowdy music in their videos.  Check out the gnarly video and the dope track here:


Did we mention that the entire EP is absolutely free (click buy and name your price). If you like Overwerk’s stuff, consider supporting him though!!! Download it here.



DJ Reality Show?

Reality shows have taken over a lot of television, and now it looks like their presence is being made on Youtube as well.  But a (mini) reality show about DJing? This could be interesting. Check out the webisodes of Burn Studios Residency. A DJing contest/show to become a resident DJ at 3 of the biggest clubs on Ibiza including Sankeys, Cafe Mambo, and Privilege. Check out an appearance by David Guetta as well!  This is the 3rd and latest part of the series (comprising of 6 episodes), so go check out episodes 1 and 2 as well.


Dirty Night In Berlin

Evelyn is the voice of “One night in Ibiza” and “2012 (if the world would end)”. On the rise with quintessential EDM beats and vocals, here is her first single: “Dirty Nights”:

Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut–Official Music Video

Just released! Flying Lotus’s brand new music video for “Putty Boy Strut” is out today. It shows the progress of technology taking over our world, with a great twist at the end.  Watch it here:


Madeon–The City Official Music Video

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Madeon’s fresh new song, “The City”. Here’s the official music video (perhaps inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi?), it will definitely bring a smile to your face. If only all wars and battles were like this:


Need More Ibiza?

As if you haven’t heard enough of Ibiza, Spain from us. Here is a new UMF TV episode showing you what you’re missing out on.


Dim Mak Taxi Cab

One of our favorite DJs – Steve Aoki…He takes you on a taxi ride along with Lil Jon, Danny Masterson, T-Pain, Iggy Azalea, Tristan Wilds, Chad Muska, Angel Cabada, Yung Skeeter, and the party people! We’ll let this video do the talking:


It Gets the People Going!

Rowdy Beats did a little DJing at a party on Saturday. What did we play to really get the people going? A remix of a classic that many people are already familiar with. But in case you’re not, here’s Sexy Back (Drastik Remix)