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Exclusive Interview–EOTO



Check out our exclusive interview with Jason Hann from EOTO, filmed in Minneapolis, MN. Here’s a little background about them:

As electronic influences continue to penetrate the live rock, jazz, and jam ethos, one band consistently rises to the top, bringing together fans from across the musical spectrum. Throbbing bass and thudding beats are the signatures of this project from String Cheese Incident bandmates Michael Travis and Jason Hann. Born out of their shared love of electronic dance music, EOTO’s M.O. is to take the free-wheeling party vibe of a DJ set to the next level by using organic instruments, innovative performance technology, and improvised musical exploration. Live drums, guitars, and keys, and vocals are mixed, remixed, and sampled on the fly with no backing track. This is all done without a script.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ravi aka Sex Ray Vision!

You have heard of Sex Ray Vision (we’ve written about him several times now), a bay area electro house DJ that in just one year became eminent with hundreds and thousands of downloads of his sick mashups, remixes and originals. He has close to 3 million views on his SRV YouTube channel, here is a taste of his genius “Mind Explosion 2011”:

Well now, the up and coming artist has taken a progressive step, and changed from SRV to Ravi. Our exclusive interview with the DJ was super chill and fun. We had the privilege of getting to know more about Ravi’s music and a little about who he is!

Rowdy Beats:

You used to be Sex Ray Vison, producing dope remixes and mashups. Could you tell us what prompted the change to Ravi? And more importantly, what sort of musical change will be under Ravi – will you be producing more original mixes or will your fans still have the rad remixes and mashups to look forward to?


I decided to change my name for a number of reasons. Mostly though I just wanted a fresh start and focus on stuff that’s a little bit different. As SRV I produced a lot of melodic, poppy house music and as Ravi I want to branch out into other EDM genres. I’m still doing a lot of the stuff that got me popular as SRV though as well, and there will be a lot of that in the future.

Rowdy Beats:

That’s interesting that you mentioned poppy and melodic as SRV. What artists are your inspiration in exploring other genres of EDM?


I’m into a lot of stuff right now. Artists I’ve been listening to a lot right now include TJR, Dubvision, Arty, R3hab, Swanky Tunes, Laidback Luke, Alvin Risk, … that’s just rattling off names of the stuff in my recently played queue on Spotify. I’m trying to find up-and-coming artists as well that don’t necessarily chart on the Beatport Top 100 and get tons of exposure, there’s tons of great stuff out there.

Rowdy Beats:

Can you tell us a little bit about your history with the love for music? When did you start producing/becoming interested in EDM?


It’s weird…I was never really into EDM as a kid but I got really into it like 3-4 years ago. Basically I always wanted to be a rockstar, but I was too lazy to learn how to play a guitar or something so I decided to start making EDM. And then of course I started listening to EDM and it all went from there…

Rowdy Beats:

[Haha] yeah I guess we all wanna be rockstars, I played guitar hero to suffice that.

You’ve had some incredible accomplishments already, including releases with Dim Mak and Epic Records, and opened for Cataracs and others. What has been your favorite set so far? And, where do you dream to play one day?


Wow that’s a tough question…there have been a lot of massive shows but I still enjoy doing shows at frats and small clubs where there are way too many people packed into a small room but everyone’s going crazy and having an awesome time. As for where I want to play some day…well Madeon just had a set at the New York Stock Exchange, which is one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard of, so I guess that’s my dream as well. To do a show somewhere ridiculous.

Rowdy Beats:

More on the future, what can old and new fans expect? More shows across the US? Any EPs?


For the future I got a lot of stuff coming up. Got a few really cool official remix opportunities on the horizon. I also have a couple vocal tracks in the pipeline, which is something I really want to get back to doing. Mostly though I just want to start exploring different styles of EDM and stuff that’s not just straight up 128 BPM electro/prog house.

Rowdy Beats:

If you could hang out for one day with one famous person in or out of music, who would it be and why?


Probably R Kelly. I’m pretty sure he’s one of the craziest people alive and I just want to experience that in person. Also I’m not a 15 year old girl so I probably have nothing to be afraid of.

This concluded our interview with Ravi. Check out his stuff HERE – FREE DOWNLOADS!

Interview with Reid Speed @Bassgasm 8


Reid Speed: “Check 1,2, we are inside Bassgasm 8, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Freezing our f*cking asses off. While I get druuuuunk as f******cck.”

You grew up in New York City, one of the craziest cities in the world. What was it like to start as an electronic music artist in New York city?

“Well New York City is a very exciting place. So it was exciting to be part of that scene and at the time there were not a lot of girls doing it. So, I was lucky that the scene embraced me and allowed me to like do my thing, and it was really cool to be a part of that before Giuliani ruined everything, it was like the most exciting place in the world (laughs).”

Tell me a little bit about your music. Where do you inspirations come from? What made you take that (EDM) path?

“The music chooses itself. I am just a conduit that it flows through. I am a divining rod of music from the spirit world and I honestly have no idea what I’m gonna play until the person before me puts on their last track.”

I’ve seen that you’ve hit LA, Chicago (and all around the US). How has touring changed you as a person?

“Touring has made me realize that most of the people in the world lack manners and self-consciousness. And they are not aware of their own bad habits. But it has taught me how to be an airport ninja. And if you’ve ever seen the movie Up in the Air, I can pack a suitcase in like 10 minutes flat and it will be perfect. And I will find the shortest line in security. And I will find a place to smoke weed, and people to smoke weed with in every city around the world.”

What are plans for the future? What are your dreams?

“My dream is to open my nightclub and to bring all of the artists I love to ME. To my own house.”

Your own house?

“My own nightclub that I can have the music that I want, and that’s it. No bullshit.”

Right before you go on stage, what’s going through your head? What kind of emotions are flowing through your body right before you perform?

“Right before I perform, I’m usually a little stressed out, because usually I find, immediately when I’m supposed to start playing that whoever was using their computer before me didn’t like plug it in the right way, and usually its kind of stressful at first, but then as soon as I get started and people start responding then it’s the most amazing drug, the best high you’ll ever find in the world. It’s like better than any drug.”

Last question, do you have any interests outside of making electronic music?

“Oh my god, I love cats, I am obsessed with cats. I also like to smoke blunts, and I am the crazy bike rider. I have a crew called the West Side Riders Bass Club Crew, and we ride biked, drink mojitos, and smoke blunts all over the west side of Santa Monica.”

That was Reid Speed ladies and gentlemen, a beautiful lady who’s about to play some mean ass dubstep for us.

Big Gigantic Interview–Minneapolis Rowdy Beats Exclusive!


One of our favorite artists, Big Gigantic graced us with this awesome interview! Dominic Lalli gave us an inside scoop into Big Gigantic and how they got to be where they are and an explanation into the dopeness that is their music. CHECK THEM OUT!