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Fly Friday

We all know about Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK records. Known for bringing forth boss status artists like DATSIK, Infected Mushroom, Bloody Beetroots, and many others to name a few. Now releasing his first in-house collaboration with Dim Mak artists Keys N Krates, Madeon – Icarus (Keys N Krates feat. Will Brennan Remix) is Will Brennan. Brennan strives to achieve excellence by producing lyrics that share his life story. Keys N Krates give Brennan the theme to his autobiography as he laces sick rhymes in this song.

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Madeon–The City Official Music Video

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Madeon’s fresh new song, “The City”. Here’s the official music video (perhaps inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi?), it will definitely bring a smile to your face. If only all wars and battles were like this:


Madeon, Ouí!

There are strong stereotypes towards French people here in the United States. Americans think that French people are rude, there are only nude beaches in France, and French people are stuck-up and don’t have fun (amongst others).  We don’t know if any of these are true, but we definitely are one step closer to completely dismissing  the last one. After listening to 18-year old Hugo Pierre Leclercq, AKA Madeon, we know that we would love to go rage with the French. Check out “The City”:

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