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LotusVibes “Build”

In case you missed Lotus’s new album we thought we would throw it up. Their new album “Build” is a funky mix of tunes that will have you jamming out from start to finish. This album has some nice house influences and some cool vinyl breaks.  These guys just continue to progress as musicians and their music is becoming better and better. We were lucky enough to attend their show a few weeks ago and their live performance was once again, mind blowing. The music that Lotus produces is truly artistic and they have such an original sound. We would also like to give a shout out to the band members themselves  Mike, Jesse and the guys are all very down to earth, cool people. We had the opportunity to talk with them for a bit after the show and we wish them the best of luck in the future! Come back to Minneapolis!!

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What’s Wolfgang’s Back Story?

Well, actually his backstory is the link below. According to Wolfgang Gartner himself, “Back Story” is “an album of my best singles from ’08 to ’10”. We were actually a bit surprised by this statement since the album doesn’t have one of his most popular songs, “Illmerica”. Perhaps the tracks on his album are just his favorites. Either way, check it out on iTunes and Beatport.

iTunes /Beatport

Ellie Goulding is sad

Looks like the constant happiness and party lifestyle isn’t exactly as we normally think.  Ellie Goulding shows that she is just like a an average person: even she goes through hard times and breakups. And although she was “determined not to make [the album] about love”, going through a breakup while she was writing it, titled Halcyon, eventually influenced her. Check out the entire view at the BBC entertainment-arts-19317208