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Interview with Reid Speed @Bassgasm 8


Reid Speed: “Check 1,2, we are inside Bassgasm 8, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Freezing our f*cking asses off. While I get druuuuunk as f******cck.”

You grew up in New York City, one of the craziest cities in the world. What was it like to start as an electronic music artist in New York city?

“Well New York City is a very exciting place. So it was exciting to be part of that scene and at the time there were not a lot of girls doing it. So, I was lucky that the scene embraced me and allowed me to like do my thing, and it was really cool to be a part of that before Giuliani ruined everything, it was like the most exciting place in the world (laughs).”

Tell me a little bit about your music. Where do you inspirations come from? What made you take that (EDM) path?

“The music chooses itself. I am just a conduit that it flows through. I am a divining rod of music from the spirit world and I honestly have no idea what I’m gonna play until the person before me puts on their last track.”

I’ve seen that you’ve hit LA, Chicago (and all around the US). How has touring changed you as a person?

“Touring has made me realize that most of the people in the world lack manners and self-consciousness. And they are not aware of their own bad habits. But it has taught me how to be an airport ninja. And if you’ve ever seen the movie Up in the Air, I can pack a suitcase in like 10 minutes flat and it will be perfect. And I will find the shortest line in security. And I will find a place to smoke weed, and people to smoke weed with in every city around the world.”

What are plans for the future? What are your dreams?

“My dream is to open my nightclub and to bring all of the artists I love to ME. To my own house.”

Your own house?

“My own nightclub that I can have the music that I want, and that’s it. No bullshit.”

Right before you go on stage, what’s going through your head? What kind of emotions are flowing through your body right before you perform?

“Right before I perform, I’m usually a little stressed out, because usually I find, immediately when I’m supposed to start playing that whoever was using their computer before me didn’t like plug it in the right way, and usually its kind of stressful at first, but then as soon as I get started and people start responding then it’s the most amazing drug, the best high you’ll ever find in the world. It’s like better than any drug.”

Last question, do you have any interests outside of making electronic music?

“Oh my god, I love cats, I am obsessed with cats. I also like to smoke blunts, and I am the crazy bike rider. I have a crew called the West Side Riders Bass Club Crew, and we ride biked, drink mojitos, and smoke blunts all over the west side of Santa Monica.”

That was Reid Speed ladies and gentlemen, a beautiful lady who’s about to play some mean ass dubstep for us.